Porsche’s brilliant results have been driven by yet another great user of leather, the new Macan SUV launched in 2015; the company’s best seller with over 80,000 cars delivered in the year.

The luxury sports car manufacturer has reported a fifth-consecutive growth year, with 25% increase in profits compared to 2014, representing a total of €3.4 billion in profits and €21.5 billion in sales for 2015.

These results are very important for Volkswagen (VW), the parent company. Although Porsche is part of VW’s car portfolio, which also includes Audi, it doesn’t seem to have suffered from VW’s emissions scandal.

Looking ahead, “We need to retain the brand’s exclusivity, safeguard residual values and also ensure profitability of our dealers,” said Detlev Von Platen, CEO, Porsche North America at the Detroit Auto Show. “We won’t push volumes”, he added.

Source: Bloomberg