The Magura district Hide and Skin Traders Association has said that uncertainty is prevailing over selling of hides and skins due to the blockade and local
tannery owners are showing a reluctance to purchase skins from small traders and wholesalers in the country as exports out of the country are being hampered.

Abu Sharif a hide and skin trader from Magura said, “We are facing a hard time as skins are lying unsold. Tannery owners are showing no interest in purchasing skins from us. Unless the political situation of the country improves within a month Magura traders will lose a huge amount of money as no one will purchase damaged (spotted) skins”.

Daud Hossein, an employee of a skin wholesale centre in Magura town said, “We have not been getting our salary for two months. We are compelled to take loan from local money lenders on high interest for our survival.

Source: Financial Express