According to the APICCAPS data, the country exported around 74 million pairs of footwear last year amounting to €1.70 billion. The Portuguese footwear sector has grown by 28% since 2010 say APICCAPS.

During the past year, exports of footwear from the country to non-European Union (EU) nations registered a surge of 47% to €223 million compared to the €151 million footwear exported during 2012. Footwear exports to countries in the EU amounted to €1.51 billion during 2013, recording a rise of 3.8%, compared to 2012.

According to APICCAPS, Portugal exported footwear worth €18 million to Canada, €49 million to Russia, €27 million to Angola, €6 million to China, €5 million to United Arab Emirates and €2 million to South Korea, registering significant rise in exports to these countries compared to 2012.

Meanwhile, during last year, the country imported around 50 million pairs of shoes totaling €427 million, registering a rise of 2.8%, compared to 2012. Of the total footwear imported by Portugal during last year, 48% were imported from Spain, 10% from Belgium, 9% from Italy, 9% from the Netherlands, 8% from China and 7% from France.

Around 1,696 firms operate in the Portuguese footwear, components and leather goods sector, employing 41,295 people directly in the country, with 1,354 companies operating in the footwear sector employing 35,355 people, 245 firms in the components sector providing jobs for 4,919 workers, and 97 companies operating in the leather goods sector employing 1,021 people.