After an introduction from Giorgio Amitrano, Director of Italian Institute of Culture, and Antonella Marucci, Deputy Head of ICE, key presenters of the one-day seminar included Paolo Testi, Member of the Consortium’s Management Board (Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale), who described the leather and vegetable tanning process. He also analysed the characteristics of veg-tan leather, its strengths and shortcomings. A discussion followed, which involved the role of water as an essential element in tanning process.

Defined as the main element of vegetable tanning process, the topic on tannins was presented by Stefano Pinori, also a Member of the Consortium’s Management Board.

Simone Remi, President of Consortium, closed the presentations by introducing the concepts underlying vegetable tanned leather, which include the culture of a non-standard product and the tradition of a manufacturing process, which the Tuscan tanneries have handed down from father to son for centuries.

At the end of the seminar, Zhan Xuan Pan was awarded the special jury prize for his participation at the last edition of ‘Craft the Leather’, the international design competition annually organised by the Consortium. All student designers who participated at the project had their creations exhibited in the halls of the Italian Institute of Culture, where the event took place.