This was stated by Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) Central Chairman Sheikh Saqib Saeed while talking to The Nation. “With the double-digit interest rates, unprecedented inflation levels and unavailability of gas and electricity, the government must intervene to ensure that the tanning units do not shut down, he said. The PTA Central chairman observed that Pakistan is one of the biggest markets of the raw hides and skins in Asia and about 30% of the total is generated during Eid.

Sheikh Saqib Saeed said that Eid-ul-Azha has great importance for the rural economy, as the tanning industry purchases about 30% of its raw material during Eid.

Former PTA Chairman, Agaha Saiddain estimated that economic activity of around Rs130 billion was generated on Eid days, including Rs120 billion through animal sales and Rs7 billion through purchases of hides and Rs3 billion through related industries. Agha said that tanneries are being supplied gas just for one day a week, besides the electrical power suspension of 6 hours. The PTA are asking the government to exempt the tanning industry from gas and power load shedding at least for the next three months.

The PTA Central Chairman demanded the government grant special status to the tanning industry and ensure the supply of gas and electricity. He said that dealers would suffer billions of rupees loss, as the condition of hides is constantly decreasing due to the climate and power unavailability. He also stated that during Eid, many hides are generally damaged by unprofessional butchers. Moreover, about 12% of the hides are wasted because of a lack of appropriate knowledge about their preservation.

Saqib said; “It is necessary for the processing hides before putrefaction which damages them. The hides and skins, being perishable items, cannot be stored without processing which requires an uninterrupted supply of electricity and gas.”