Following the investment a restart is scheduled for early 2015, with up to 30 people will be employed at the small skin processor.

The tannery, which is located in Isle near Limoges in central France, closed in July 2013 after a buyer could not be found for the business.

The company was originally taken over in 1986 by Michel Hervy and specialised in the production of small skins for leather goods, clothing and gloves working with a number of major luxury brands including Prada.

Prada, a longstanding customer of the tannery Hervy, along with Superior, an Italian tanner from Santa Croce have bought the assets of Megisserie Hervy, which includes the buildings and machinery in order to restart production. The reopened tannery will be known as Tannerie Limoges and Prada state it is part of its strategy to improve its vertical integration within the supply chain.