Primarily distributed to buyers who visit Première Vision in Paris, the newsletter provides a perspective of the intrinsic characteristics of leather and the new technological performances from the exhibiting tanneries.

From Pechdo’s Easy Touch leather for gloves (click here) to Mégisserie Alric’s washable leathers for garments, the newsletter’s content highlights the value adding qualities to perfect leather for specific finished products.

Designers who seek to play with the synergy between leathers and textiles will appreciate the innovative effects of the denim-like leather from Curtumes Fabricio, the narrow strips of lamb leather from Ejaz Tanning Company, which form an incredibly soft tartan, and Sure Skins’ digital printing that gives sheepskin the appearance of a cable knit, further accentuated by an embossing procedure to add extra relief.

Waterproof and washable leathers are put in the spotlight such as Carvalho’s environmentally-friendly wet-white tanning for footwear (click here). Buyers will also find guidance and care instructions from PVL’s tanners on how leather garments should be washed or ironed in order to maintain its colours and durable properties.

Première Vision’s initiative is a precious support to the leather sector, at a time when much demand has been switched from leather to synthetics.