“The evening of May 13, Vietnam was rocked by a series of protests aimed at foreign owned companies and their expatriate workers. PrimeAsia Vietnam as well as many of our neighbours were squarely in the crosshairs of this social unrest. The situation unfolded with a combination of speed and lack of clarity, making it a very dangerous situation for all involved. 

We are extremely grateful and relieved that all of our people remained physically safe and unharmed during this event, and thank the extraordinary leadership we had on the ground for providing security for our people and our facilities. PA Vietnam’s COO Charly Tsai and his management team acted decisively and aggressively in the midst of serious threat. The clarity of his actions greatly influenced an outcome that allowed us to begin operations less than 72 hours after the unrest. 

It is a great privilege for me to share the pride I have in Charly and his team’s leadership. All of us at PrimeAsia are forever grateful for his extraordinary leadership.”