According to a story in The Times on November 1, the Prince made the comments to the Chief Executive of upmarket fashion brand Mulberry, Thierry Andretta, during a reception at the British Embassy in Rome. He is reported to have asked Andretta whether the handbag he was shown was from a particular breed of cattle and where it was sourced (in the UK).

Remarking that the hide had been sourced from a farm using regenerative farming methods and is low carbon, he is reported to have responded that he wished “people knew the value” of ethically-produced leather in the “circular economy” over plastic or “strange spun” synthetic materials.

The Prince said that the fashion industry was one of the most polluting industries as he was shown a Digital ID which uses QR codes to ethically source and trace products from fashion brands. The ID includes where and when it was made and lasts the lifetime of the item as a “digital birth certificate”. The code will also show consumers how to care for and repair products.

Source: The Times