After an opening keynote speech, the second edition of the Sustainable Leather Forum will be divided into four different sessions. Beginning with a roundtable titled; “CSR and Risk Management in the leather industry”, the participants will discuss how the coronavirus crisis caught all economic actors by surprise and if a risk management approach can assist companies in anticipating and better managing crisis situations. The second session will focus on “Raw Hides & Leather: innovation and best practices in Europe”, from farming to leather production.

After a lunchbreak, the third session in the afternoon will discuss the circular economy in footwear and leather goods, and will explore how to move from theory to practice, how to implement a circular economy from the design to the commercialisation of a product. The Forum will conclude with a fourth and last session titled; “Training, savoir-faire, regional attractiveness, CSR challenges for the sector”, during which the participants will discuss how the expertise and specific know-how of traditional professions, such as leather production or shoemaking, can be preserved and promoted while maintaining close links to their local regions.

Key participants and speakers in this edition include Thierry Oriez, President, J.M.Weston; Emmanuel Pommier, Managing Director of the Artisanal Leather goods and saddlery section, Hermès; Florence Rambaud, Director, LVMH Institut des Métiers d’Excellence; Marie-Claire Daveu, Director of Sustainable Development and International Institutional Affairs, Kering; and Christel Schilliger-Musset, Director Hazard Assessment, European Chemical Agency (ECHA).

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