This project is followed by the PT Leather InDesign 2 Project, which aims to strengthen the capacity of tannery companies and the sector in product development, in order to approach international markets and present innovative products that meet their requirements.

To this end, individual actions will be carried out in the companies, integrating functional innovation and the implementation of circular economy concepts into their collections.

These individual actions will not only make it possible to develop innovative articles and create a national collection to publicise the differentiating potential of Portuguese products, but also to equip these companies with development management techniques that will allow them to generate greater product differentiation, both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of technical/functional themes.

The project aims to develop thematic collections, which will be disseminated through books or compilations of samples duly identified with the type of leather, the process used and the company responsible, among others.

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This article is an advertorial provided by the Associação Portuguesa de Industriais de Curtumes (APIC – Leather from Portugal).