He gave the instructions during his meeting with a delegation of Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA), which was led by its Chairman Fawad Jawed. The Commissioner asked the officials concerned to ensure cleanliness in the area by regularly removing solid waste. Siddiqui also asked deputy Commissioner, Zubair A. Channa, to remove all blockages from the area, such as oil tankers from the National Refinery which create traffic congestion on Road-5000.

Referring to the water supply issue of the Tannery Zone, he asked the acting Managing Director of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board, Najam Alam Siddiqui, to take all possible measures for allocating a separate quota of water to the Tannery Zone from the newly laid water pipelines.

On the issue of gas pressure, he asked the KMC to provide a plot of land to the tannery zone for setting up a gas pumping station to provide a consistent gas pressure to the tanneries. The PTA chief, Fawad Jawed, told the Karachi Commissioner that many industries in the zone have been facing acute water shortage.