Beauty, my beautiful concern… by French poet François de Malherbe has been chosen by PVL as the epigraph for the season, which aims to portray worry as a positive value, and underline the fragility and instability of beauty. This is the inspiration behind the four key trends for the season:

Brooding beauty

Materials are rich and swollen with sap, gleaming, voluminous, wild and full. Summer suede, bird feathers, matt reptile, wrinkled buffalo. Deep colours. Raw red, crushed red, burnt brown, solarised white, mediumistic or shamanic black.

Subsidiary beauty

The 1950s and 1970s combine, creating a borderline aesthetic. A joyfully shabbiness, where plastic and PVC are hyper-luxurious, where that crumpled vinyl of an indefinable colour is in fact dipped lamb… Acidic, artificial and assonant colours, blended in a milk-shake.

Convulsive beauty

Shattered, deformed, shaken, mistreated, lacerated materials. Colours that go against the grain, dissonant, paradoxical, chaotic: wonky yellow, raucous pink, fighting green, transgender blue.

Precarious beauty

Materials are crumbly, unstable, soft to the touch or slightly granular, sandy. We see glimpses of fragile, transparent colours, in suspension. Colours of tanned skin, transparent water, stones polished by the desert winds.

To fully explore the trends’ concepts through the senses, an “Olfactory Garden” comprised of giant fragrant paper flowers will be set up by two perfume crafters, Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel from Flair perfume. Four exclusive fragrances have been composed for Première Vision Leather, illustrating the four themes of the Spring/Summer 2017 season.

The visitors’ audioception will also be awakened by the second edition of the Sound Box, which will produce new vibrations with artists and designers taking turns to reveal their vision of the “instability of beauty”, their universe and their perspective through words, images and sounds.

For this upcoming edition, 12 new exhibitors will be showcasing their collections in a “New Exhibitors Area”: OSM Leather (Turkey), Sakamoto Corp (Japan), Tannerie Limoges (France), Tannery Arena Angelo (Italy), Ahlskog Tannery (Finland), Anil Tannery (Turkey), GD Taylor (Italy), Hira Deri (Turkey), Curtume Rusan (Brazil), Derma Deri (Turkey), Kampana Deri (Turkey), and Kyoto Leather (Japan). 

Première Vision Leather: February 16-18, 2016, Hall 3, Paris Nord Villepinte.