The new area will foster discussions and presentations, while playing host to a variety of informative and inspirational events. For its upcoming edition on February 7-9, 2017, PVL has scheduled a series of conference-workshops presented by Luxury Materials Workshop, a training organisation from Florence, Italy. Two daily 45-minute sessions, specifically tailored for labels and designers, will be organised to strengthen their technical expertise in the areas of materials and finishes. Leathers, embroidery, metals, production techniques, industrialisation methods and costs will be examined as ways of enriching products:

Tuesday, February 7:

– ‘All about leather, a fundamental element of style and creation’, 11.30am-12pm

– ‘Alligator: A precious material, a passionate material’, 3.30-4pm

Wednesday, February 8:

– ‘Decorative techniques that drive creativity’, 11.30am-12pm

– ‘Scaling-up artisanal savoir-faire’, 3.30-4pm

Thursday, February 9

– ‘Metals and types of treatments’, 11.30am-12pm

– ‘Focus on Zamak and galvanisation techniques’, 2-2.30pm

Other events in the Conference and Workshop Area include the Leather Fashion Breakfasts, which will provide a fashion forecast for the spring summer 2018 season; colours, products and key materials for the leather and fur markets, every day of the show from 10:30am to 11.15am, as well as the ‘Savoir-faire, driving innovation’, a round table proposed by the French Leather Council (CNC) in partnership with the Compagnons du Devoir and the French Footwear Federation, on Wednesday, February 8, 2pm-3pm.