The first story tells of an Invisible World where wise and living Nature infiltrates materials to find new connections.

The second encourages us to offer an elegy to Idleness to cultivate slowness, dare to be still, refuse the tyranny of time and the excesses of speed, and discover timeless materials, ever more luxurious, calm and functional.

And then observe Changes of State provoked by unlikely mutations, strange bedfellows. Hybrid materials metamorphose and are in perpetual development.

After which we will cultivate a Taste for Secrecy and exalt the sacred dimension of nature. Erase the separation between oneself and the other, between outside and within; magnify the materials that are enriched, laden with symbols.

And lastly, our amazement, our delight will shine a spotlight on new professions, some real, some imaginary such as a choreographer of drones, a psychologist of the plant world, or a space florist. They give free rein to the materials to show off their diversity and their capacity for innovation. Influenced by research, we colour with mechanical shades the clothes of a mad scientist, crazy about fashion.

Watch the teaser here.

Première Vision Leather: September 15-17, 2015 at Paris Nord Villepinte, hall3.