Five British universities are participating in the competition; the University of South Wales, University of Northampton, London College of Fashion, Manchester Metropolitan University and De Montfort University. The competition is an opportunity for design students to develop and produce trend-setting, inventive and inspiring leather consumer products. “British designers are some of the most ingenious trendsetters in the fashion world”, said Kerry Senior, Director, Leather UK. “Our collaboration with the Leather and Hide Council of America provides a unique opportunity to showcase the enviable qualities that make leather timeless by providing young British designers a forum to develop chic leather goods that reflect their individuality and vision.” 

The students are to feature U.S. hides and leather in their designs across apparel, footwear and fashion accessories, and are encouraged to showcase their individuality by using leather to create unique, compelling designs that appeal to style-conscious fashion consumers. Leather can be used exclusively or in combination with other natural materials suggested by contestants, but must be the principal material of the final item produced. 

The winners in each category will receive an all-expenses paid training opportunity in the U.S., sponsored by LHCA. Runners-up in each category will receive a free, one-week Creative Leather Applications course at the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies at the University of Northampton, as well as an opportunity to win a week’s work experience at Mulberry; to be decided through a public vote via Woobox on the “Real Leather. Stay Different.” Facebook page.