Rewind is a series of four documentary videos that set out to bust myths and ask questions about the leather supply chain and will be released over the next month.

The four five-minute episodes are titled Farming, Fashion, Food and the Future, with each examining a different area of interest.

The first instalment of the documentary series looks at farming. Real Leather. Stay Different.  noted: “Although leather is a by-product of the meat and dairy industries, to the consumer its production is inextricably linked to agriculture. We examine the best uses of land, the real effects of cattle’s methane emissions and the environmental consequences of not using cowhide.”

Episode 1 is available to view below or on the Real Leather. Stay Different. YouTube channel.

Episode 2, ‘Fashion’, which will be released on October 27, will look at the perils of fast fashion and the environmental costs of the production of plastic-based fabrics, and how extending the life of clothes and accessories is a positive step on the road to greenhouse gas reduction.

Episode 3, ‘Food’, due to come out on November 3, will examine the task of feeding the ever-expanding world population while tackling global warming, arguing that regenerative farming and local supply, supported by the best use of land, can meet these challenges.

Finally, Episode 4, ‘Our Future’, releasing on November 10, will tie the episode together and look at the dangers of fossil fuel use refocusing from power and transportation to plastic production and offer a vision of the future where practices from the past, including sensitive farming and the best use of materials, can combine to help feed and clothe the world in a truly sustainable way.