The group reported a profit of €4.3 billion, up 28% from 2022, on sales that surged 16% at current exchange rates to €13.4 billion.

“In 2023, Hermès has once again cultivated its singularity and achieved an outstanding performance in all metiers and across all regions against a high base,” said Executive Chairman Axel Dumas.

The group said its 22,000 employees worldwide would get a €4,000 bonus early this year as part of “its policy of sharing the fruits of growth with all those who contribute to it on a daily basis”.

The luxury goods firm also plans to lift prices by between 8% and 9% this year globally, said Dumas. Hermes clocked strong growth in all regions, saying it had been “dynamic” in China where investors have been worrying about a stuttering post-Covid recovery. Leather goods, footwear and saddlery makes up a significant part of the company’s product range.