The company reported record revenue of US$4.29 billion for the full year, up by 18% year-on-year, while the result was up 17.9% on a constant currency basis.

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) net sales were up 26.5% to US$1.86 billion in the year, with wholesale improving by 12.6% to US$2.43 billion. Domestic net sales were up 16.8% to US$2.86 billion and international net sales grew by 21.1% to US$1.42 billion.

Net sales for the Hoka brand were up 27.9% to US$1.8 billion, Ugg grew by 16.1% to US$2.24 billion, Teva was down 18.9% to US$148.5 million, Sanuk fell 33% to US$25.4 million and Other brands grew by 5.9% to US$67.9 million.

The company achieved a gross margin of 55.6% for the year, up from 50.3% in the 2023 fiscal year. Operating income grew by 42% to US$927.5 million.

In the fourth quarter of the year alone, net sales were up 21.2% (21.1% on a constant currency basis) to US$959.8 million. DTC net sales grew 21% to US$415.2 million, while wholesale was up 21.4% to US$544.6 million.

Domestic net sales increased by 19.4% to US$647.7 million and international net sales had growth of 25.2% to US$312 million. The Hoka brand had an improvement of 34% to US$533 million, while Ugg was up 14.9% to US$361.3 million, Teva declined 15.6% to US$53 million, Sanuk fell 39.1% to US$6.5 million and Other brands were flat at US$6 million.

The gross margin for the fourth quarter was 56.2%, up from 50% in the same period of the 2023 fiscal year. Operating income for the quarter grew by 36.3% to US$144.3 million.

Chief Financial Officer Steve Fasching said: “Our record results demonstrate the exceptional demand for our brands and the strength of Deckers’ nimble operating model, delivering industry leading financial performance. As we continue to build an exciting future for Deckers, we remain committed to making the necessary investments to maintain the momentum of our brands.”