Despite Bentley’s production being shut down for seven weeks beginning in March and running at a 50% output for a further nine weeks thereafter as social distancing measures were introduced, the company has posted record results for 2020. The luxury automotive manufacturer said the Americas remained its number one region in 2020, although a strong performance was recorded in China. A total of 3,035 cars were delivered in the Americas region, a 4% increase compared with the previous year. Bentley’s biggest growth was in China, with sales up 48%, totalling 2,880 cars. In Europe, a total of 2,193 units (-18%) were delivered, down from 2,670 in 2019. Bentley’s home market in the UK recorded sales of 1,160 cars in the year, a 22% decline over 2019, and 735 units were delivered in the Middle East, down from 852 in 2019. The Asia Pacific region posted a 6% increase, to 1,203 cars.

According to Bentley, the key to its ongoing success was the introduction of a number of new models, combined with greater global availability of other popular models. “In particular, the all-new Flying Spur was launched internationally and received a phenomenal reception from customers and media alike”, said the manufacturer, adding that the demand was increased further in October with the introduction of a high-performance V8 engine derivative. The Bentley Continental GT and GT Convertible together accounted for 39% of total sales, finishing the year as Bentley’s number one selling model line.