The Regenerative Fund for Nature is a partnership between Conservation International, Kering and Inditex which supports sustainable agriculture projects in the fashion supply chain.

Applying projects are required to align with the following principles:

  • Soil Health – Increasing lands’ capacity to sequester carbon, hold and filter water, and improve other elements of soil functionality
  • Biodiversity – Protecting, restoring and enhancing biodiversity, both on farms and in surrounding lands
  • Livelihoods – Supporting the livelihoods of farmers and local communities
  • Synthetic Inputs – Reducing and eliminating the use of synthetic agrochemicals by favouring ecological solutions
  • Animal Welfare – Enhancing the welfare of farmed livestock and surrounding wildlife.

Funding is available for projects in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, the United States, Turkey, Uganda, India, Tanzania, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Greece, Morocco, South Africa, New Zealand, Uruguay, China (Inner Mongolia) and Mongolia.

Grants will range from US$120,000-620,000 and covering 3-5 years, available for businesses including micro, small and medium enterprises, farming groups, project developers and raw material aggregators committed to regenerative agriculture.

Applicants will be required to submit a letter of inquiry by November 12, 2023, prior to a full application, with final awards announced in March 2024. Find out more on the Regenerative Fund for Nature website.