JBS S.A. has communicated to its shareholders and to the market that the General Superintendent of CADE, Brazil’s antitrust agency, announced On September 12 the approval of the purchase by JBS of Seara Brasil. The operation was approved without restrictions and involves 32 production units including processed foods, poultry and pork processing plants and 21 distribution centers.

JBS will wait 15 days required by law to conclude this transaction, which will expire on September 27. Therefore, the Company expects to assume the Seara operations effectively on September 30.

The Seara acquisition represents an important increase in the production capacity of poultry, pork and processed foods at JBS. Including the new facilities, JBS will now be able process 12 million birds, 70,000 hogs, 100,000 hides and 5,000 tons of processed foods per day globally, with a total of 185,000 employees worldwide.