The Renault brand alone had 9.4% growth in 2023 with 1,548,748 vehicles sold and notable 19.3% growth in Europe. Meanwhile, Dacia was up by 14.7% to 658,321 units sold and the Alpine brand grew by 22.1% to 4,328 vehicles.

The group’s top market was France, with 551,373 vehicles sold in 2023 and a market share of 25.6%, followed by Italy, where market share was 10.6% and 187,249 vehicles were sold.

In Turkey, group sales totalled 176,983 unit with market share of 14.4%, Germany had sales of 156,729 and a market share of 5% and, rounding out the top five markets, Spain and the Canary Islands had a market share of 12.3% for the group and sales of 134,398 units.

Looking forward, Renault Group noted that it expects a stable performance in the European and Latin American markets in 2024, while Eurasia should decline by 11%.