Zschimmer & Schwarz personnel from China and around the world will be available on the stand to introduce new applications and products.

The company’s distribution partners from Asia, China and other parts of the world will also be present at the fair to welcome customers and friends. Special highlights at this show are some newly developed products, which are already in regular use by some major tanners.

Prinol F-RS

A fatliquor produced only with oils, fats and emulsifiers from renewable raw materials from a vegetable base. It has been designed for high-end leathers with outstanding quality. Leathers have an excellent inner softness, very good fogging behaviour, good heat stability and good lightfastness, neutral odour and pleasant touch. Prinol F-RS is suitable for automotive leathers as well.

Contripon AO

Special auxiliary developed to avoid chrome VI formation in extraordinary conditions or when low profile chemical products are used. There is no negative influence on any leather type and it is economical to use based on fatliquor offer. Light and heat resistance of leathers treated with Contripon AO will be improved. The formation of any unpleasant smells triggered by oxidation processes will also be suppressed.

Sincal TF

A dyeing auxiliary completes Zschimmer & Schwarz’s range of dyeing specialities together with Sincal DR (cationic dye fixing agent) and Sincal MS (dye penetrating agent). Sincal TF is used to improve dye brilliance and for slow fixation. As a result dye shades are very vibrant and uniform.

ACLE hall E2, stand D05