Rino Mastrotto, President, International Council of Tanners (ICT) and President of the world renown Italian tanning Group, Gruppo Rino Mastrotto, is the guest opinion writer in the latest edition giving his thoughts on how the economic situation in China has implications for the whole leather industry.

The market leading 68-page edition also includes features on the Italian luxury market and the links between the major luxury brands with the tanneries they own.

There are also several features covering the environment and the automotive leather segment with a focus on lightweight and over-engineered car seat leather. Other premium and original editorial content includes:

  • Market report: China including an interview with Su Chaoying, Chairman, CLIA (China Leather Industry Association)
  • Modern wastewater treatment processing and its return on investment for tanners
  • COTANCE looks at the next steps for a life cycle analysis for leather
  • Beamhouse: Why unhairing cattle hides can be a problem
  • A review of the ILM Leather Supply Chain summit held in Chicago

In addition to all these interesting articles, ILM is also packed with many other editorial topics as well as all its regular articles. These include industry leading commentary and analysis highlighting all the trends and challenges facing the global tanning industry.

Look out also for the 2016 wall calendar featuring all the leading industry trade fairs for next year, which is free with the print edition of ILM.

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