Based on recent positive output figures and developments, the DTI says domestic footwear production is to reach 120 million pairs by 2020. According to Jay Irkhede, Director of the leather and Footwear Section of DTI, 20 million pairs are to be exported out of this total figure.

The leather and leather goods sector should produce goods worth ZAR9.6 billion (US$742 million) by 2020, out of which ZAR6 billion (US$464 million) destined for export.

The DTI forecasts a total of 65 million pairs of footwear manufactured in 2015, with 6 million being exported, up from 59.88 million in 2014.

Regarding tanning and leather goods, a total of ZAR5.97 billion (US$440 million) is expected, up from US$417 last year.