Rotacoat’s S1 3400 model is a new concept synchro rollercoating machine for the finishing of leathers in synchro only.

The machine comes as standard with the following features:

  • 3,400mm useful working width
  • Very sturdy construction formed by lateral steel boxes containing the motors, mechanisms and services joined by means of flanged and bolted pipes to form a rigid and compact assembly
  • Moving upper section containing the single coating roller and the doctor blade control system, resting on pneumatic cylinders with centesimal adjustment of the working thickness that can be independently operated on both sides of the machine
  • Double band feeding and flattening device with independent motorisation synchronised to the machine and mounted on wheels and rails to facilitate its movement in case of cleaning and maintenance
  • All the functions (engraved roller speed, transport, working thickness,) are managed through the control panel and displayed with great clarity on its full colour touch screen
  • Special thin PET/TPU conveyor wound on the counter roller and equipped with a suitable plastic squeegee; the innovative conveyor is easy to clean and resistant to the chemical products
  • High precision motor-driven detaching device with variable speed to peel off the leathers from the coating roller and lay them down onto the exit conveyor which provides the automatic transfer to the drying unit
  • Motorised doctor blade assembly with digital control at both ends which guarantees outstanding accuracy during its controlled movement hence avoiding any premature wear of the same while safeguarding the coating roller longevity
  • Oscillating doctor blade support with pneumatic mixing device that runs across the whole working width by means of a linear cylinder
  • Accurate control of the working thickness that is individually adjustable at both ends (left, right or synchronized) by means of brushless servomotors
  • Continuous transport conveyor washing/cleaning system equipped with brush roller and relative wiper blade, stainless steel tray and independent motorisation
  • Double diaphragm pump with recirculation trays and large stainless steel basin at the bottom of the machine
  • Spreading conveyor with set apart ribbons to convey the hides exiting the rollercoater to the drying tunnel or to the next machine; the conveyor can be swivelled up for easy maintenance
  • Overhead rollers storage as option in case it is necessary to work with multiple design/printing rollers.

Rotacoat S1 is the first roller printing machine equipped with a transport conveyor to conveniently convey the leathers out of the coating area, eliminating any need for additional devices to peel the leather off the traditional rubberised roller, which they tend to stick to.

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