Satra also unveiled a specially commissioned external sculpture designed to represent 100 years of research and testing. The sculpture, named ‘No Compromise’, has two solid COR-TEN weathering steel plates pulled apart by 100 stainless steel cables clamped and tightened in stone. “The evolving dynamic contrast emphasises the uncompromising nature of scientific investigation and precision as materials and components come and go over time”, said Satra.

After being welcomed by Stephen Etheridge, Chairman, Satra, His Royal Highness marked the occasion with a speech to staff and one hundred guests before meeting and discussing the work with the artist, Martyn Steele. The Royal party, along with local dignitaries and guests, were given a tour of the testing laboratories, including demonstrations of the Satra machines and test methods that play a role in helping manufacturers to make their products safer, better performing and more sustainable.

“Today marks a truly momentous occasion. Satra was created 100 years ago by forward thinking visionaries who realised that the footwear industry needed a strong technical resource to enable it to develop new materials and manufacturing techniques”, said Austin Simmons, Satra’s Chief Executive. “We have always been immensely proud of the intellectual prowess of our people, without whom Satra would not have been able to make the contribution it has to industry over the last 100 years”.

Since its creation in 1919, Satra has come to stand for scientific scrutiny and technical accuracy throughout the world, first in the footwear industry and then in other industries like furniture and personal protective equipment. The organisation now has technical facilities in Europe and China, supplying technical research and testing services, test equipment and production efficiency systems internationally in numerous industries.