The new test (TM 446:2015) aims to replicate the effect that substances such as sand, silt and mud have on footwear submerged in water. Potential applications for the TM446 include testing footwear for kayaking, off-road running and military exercises.

Using the SATRA STM 505 dynamic water-testing machine, which tests
footwear for immersive flexing, TM446 also incorporates abrasive aluminium oxide grit. A ‘baffle bed’ (patent pending) is used to diffuse air around the tank, stopping grit from settling at the bottom.

This new method allows holistic testing, enabling manufacturers to observe how their footwear will perform in extreme situations. Test results include photographs as well as a full test report incorporating details of whole shoe aesthetics, durability of stitching and the continued functionality of any closure system.

Established in 1919, Satra has technical facilities in the UK and China serving customers worldwide. It tests products and components to European and international standards, and it also develops, manufactures and sells test equipment.