I made some remarks on this topic some time ago in TheSauerReport, when I realised that even the official Chinese leather industry website advertises synthetic/artificial leather on its English language homepage en.chinaleather.org

According to industry experts, if I understand them well, the phrase synthetic or artificial leather should not be used, especially on a platform that promotes the “genuine” leather industry.

I see that the advertisement for SOFFKIN is still there, at the bottom of the homepage with a nice link showing the use of this synthetic product in every market where it competes with the genuine material from which it trades off of.

The advert says – “Better synthetic leather makes better quality furniture. SOFFKIN is the eco-friendly synthetic leather, which provides the very best relaxation. SOFFKIN satisfies the international standards for flame resistance, anti-pollution, anti-bacterial and waterproof properties. It is a high-quality artificial leather for any furniture upholstery.”

And if you want to have further information about SOFFKIN you are invited to contact Yang Junhua of CLIA who can provide more detail about this product. http://en.chinaleather.org/News/20150203/273335.shtml

Now I am asking you………have we been wasting our time on this subject or is it OK to promote artificial or synthetic leather if you pay for an advertisement?

All comments are welcome.



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