The organisers say a total of 45,424 visitors were registered over the four days of the show, including 27,272 visitors from abroad (+4.3%) and 18,152 from Italy (+1.6%). Among the international visitors, a +68.6% increase was recorded for visitors from China and Hong Kong, while North American visitors were up +43.2%. Within the EU, visitors from Spain were up +9.6%, followed by Portugal (+4.5%) and Switzerland (+7.8%). The number of buyers from France and Germany is reported to have declined, as well as from Russia, attributed to the impact of international sanctions.

In 2019, Micam will present “Plug-Mi” in collaboration with London based Fandango Club. Aimed at millennials, it will be the first event devoted entirely to the world of sneakers. Inspired by the better-known overseas sneaker conventions, such as the Complexcon festival held in Los Angeles or Atlanta’s KixFair, the organisers say this new format will combine product displays, games, musical events and experiences, “creating not only a powerful moment of aggregation but also an opportunity for understanding a vast social and commercial phenomenon”. According to data from Confindustria Fashion Research Centre for Assocalzaturifici (the Italian Footwear Manufacturers Association), 26.9 million pairs of sneakers were purchased in Italy in 2017, for €1,245.4 million at retail and the global sneaker market could reach a value of US$115.6 billion in 2023.

The next edition of Micam will take place February 10-13, 2019 at FieraMilano Rho.