This section of the show will showcase innovative ideas to visitors that fully integrate an “Industry 4.0 vision”, the organisers said.

This year, the Innovation Corner will feature the following themes:

  • Sustainability in leather/leather goods/footwear, showcasing the Assomac Green Label tool, presented by RINA Certification Body
  • Digitalisation with Star-7, featuring a live-show of machinery technologies focusing on remote technical intervention
  • Research with the Experimental Station for the Leather and Tanning Materials Industry (SSIP), head of the PON Smart Factory “Automation, eco-sustainability and circularity for the manufacturing of nano-functioning leather” project
  • Human Resources and Professional Qualified Training, with the presence of Italian technological institutes and PISIE NGO, the International Polytechnic for Industrial and Economic Development, which operates in professional and managerial training in fashion.

Show information, tickets and networking facilities will be available throughout the show via the new Simac Tanning Tech app, helping visitors to avoid physical contact and reduce paper usage.