Ian Michel (SLTC Northampton Group Chairman of Amandian Ltd, UK) presented the history and current role of the SLTC in today’s leather industry and Stephen Trantum (SLTC Vice President & Trumpler) provided suggestions on how to cope with threats to the leather industry, in particular the threat posed by chromium(VI).

During the meeting, four new full members were welcomed to the SLTC by Stephen Trantum:

Quazi Salahuddin Mahmud, Mozibor Rahman, Mohammad Anwarul Hoque and Mr Shafi-Ul-Islam

Nasim Monzur, Managing Director of Apex Footwear Ltd, Bangladesh, will be speaking at the annual SLTC conference on April 25 at the University of Northampton, UK. Monzur has been invited to present a balanced view of the Bangladesh leather industry and to provide an insider’s update on activities and improvements in light of the current environmental pressures.