Another drop to make a difference

And it does not end here. All Smit branded wet end products produced in the Netherlands and China earned level 3 certification; the remainder of Smit’s global portfolio, consisting of both Smit and Codyeco branded products, is planned for level 3 certification later in 2020.

Industry leader
Chem-MAP, the organisation carrying out the ZDHC audit, says that achieving Level 3 certification has reinforced Smit & Zoon’s market position as an industry leader in sustainability “and has helped secure its companywide focus on sustainability, operational excellence and outstanding service.” 

Smit & Zoon really demonstrates its seriousness about their mission to create a sustainable leather supply chain by reaching ZDHC certification. In the industry, it is quite common for companies to adhere to a regular Restricted Substances List, which only defines restrictions for the finished article. To commit oneself to the Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) used in the Chem-MAP certification, however, is a much bigger feat. It sets restrictions to the chemicals that can be used in the production process of leather articles. Smit & Zoon’s level 3 certification proves that its products for the leather industry meet all requirements connected to Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and demonstrates improved upstream chemical management and reduction of the industry’s chemical footprint.

What’s next? Contribute your drop too!
Hans van Haarst indicates that Level 3 ZDHC certification does not mean that all of the work is done. “We are the preferred partner for our customers in the international markets for wet-end and finishing. To be named one of the leading companies in creating a sustainable supply chain by a respected organisation like ZDHC, is a great reward of our efforts. We achieved this through a company-wide focus on sustainability, operational excellence and outstanding customer service.” He also mentions that Smit & Zoon cannot realise a sustainable leather supply chain by itself.

Van Haarst therefore calls upon the whole industry to follow the example set by Smit & Zoon and other leading companies. “It is now up to all of the value chain players to drive sustainability in everything we do and ensure that consumers get leather products they can trust.”

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*This article is an advertorial provided by Smit & Zoon.