Spoor, a subsidiary of wet-blue producer Scan Hide, uses laser technology to imprint each hide with its unique number which remains in situ throughout the whole tanning process and beyond and provides brands and consumers with full information on the animal, including its country of origin, breed, birthplace and the abattoir responsible for slaughtering. Access to this comprehensive data enables brands to select raw materials according to specific criteria and sustainability metrics.

According to Michael Søndergaard, CEO of Scan-Hide, the concept mirrors transparency and traceability systems from the food industry, where this is already standard practice. “In the same way that consumers wish to know the origin of what they eat, we believe that customers increasingly seek to obtain a guarantee of the origin of their bag, shoes or furniture, including information about animal welfare. That is what we are able to offer them”, he told Just-Style Magazine.

On January 25, 2021, Spoor’s first collaboration with Danish premium footwear brand Roccamore was launched, made from traceable Scandinavian hides. “With the help of Spoor, we can trace the origin of the hides all the way back to the farms and make sure they are well-managed. We know the farmers follow the highest animal welfare standards in the world and have done so for many years. In addition, the final part of the tanning process is done at one of the few LWG gold-rated tanneries in the world, resulting in CO2-compensated leather”, said Roccamore.

Source: Just-Style