According to the organisers, a total of 13,024 visitors from 100 different countries attended the four-day event (13,104 in January 2016). Delegations comprised of more than 40 buyers from 14 countries visited the trade fair, with representatives from main European markets such as Germany and Sweden, but also Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Hungary), some Asian emerging markets (Azerbaijan, Iran and Kazakhstan) and Turkey.

“Expo Riva Schuh is now an important opportunity for exchange, comparison and growth for all operators in the sector. Our fair is backed by a strong identity, which has never changed neither its course nor its positioning and it is precisely this consistency that paid off over time with a high retention rate among both exhibitors and visitors”, said Roberto Pellegrini, President, Riva del Garda Fierecongressi.

A total of 1,449 exhibitors from over 40 countries participated in the January 2017 edition, including the collective pavilions from China, India, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Indonesia, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Tunisia and Turkey. The collection previews for the Autumn/Winter 2017-18 season were showcased over 32,715 sq m of net exhibition space.

According to Abicalçados, the Brazilian Shoe Manufacturers Association which organised the participation of over 40 Brazilian companies at this edition of Expo Riva Schuh, the Brazilian exhibitors valued direct business deals carried out during the event at US$3.94 million, and expect this figure to reach US$21.41 million in the next few months. They attribute their successful participation to the format of the event and to the assertiveness of their own collections.

Expo Riva Schuh Spring/Summer 2018 edition: June 10-13, 2017, Riva del Garda, Italy.