In particular, the chemical supplier stressed that Stahl BeTan enables tanners to reduce water consumption and drive the efficiency of the beamhouse and tanning processes without compromising on the quality of the leather. “With our world facing defining environmental challenges, it’s increasingly important to drive sustainability in the production of high-quality leather”, said Huub van Beijeren, CEO, Stahl. “Thanks to the unique, easy-to-apply technologies within our Stahl BeTan portfolio, we are supporting tanners to lower the impact of their operations at every step of the leather-making process, as well as to drive the quality of their final products. In this way, more than ever, we are delivering on our commitment to responsible chemistry.”

Stahl BeTan is a complete portfolio of solutions, expertise and environmental benefits for tanners. “This portfolio helps to reduce water consumption, as well as the use of sulfides, solids and salt, and results in decreased Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), among other environmental benefits. We are a one-stop-shop for responsible beamhouse and tanning solutions, offering solutions for every step of the process with the best technical assistance”, said David Sabaté, Global Segment Manager Beamhouse, Stahl.

The Stahl BeTan portfolio includes Bemanol, Eusapon, Feliderm, Proviera – Probiotics for Leather, Stahl EasyWhite Tan, Stahl EasyBlue Tan, Mollescal, Tergolix, Decaltal, Dekalon, Basozym, Relugan, Synektan, Tanfix, Basyntan, Imprapell and Sortassist. The range covers every stage in the beamhouse process, from soaking, liming and deliming to bating.