Stahl has recently collaborated with the sustainable renovation of Noord-Brabant, a provincial public building in the town of Waalwijk, providing leather with a sustainable finish to the architects who mainly used organically based materials.

The biodegradable leather supplied by the company has been used to cover the surfaces of the employees’ lockers, upholstered the walls of the building’s largest meeting room as well as the sofas of an area designed for special occasions and high-level meetings. Since these sofas are to be used intensively on a daily basis, Stahl offered a durable finish system to make them wear-resistant, dirt-repellent and easy to clean.

The chemical producer offers a wide range of solutions for numerous substrates, leather, synthetics, wood, metal and textiles for public spaces, the architectural and home interior industry. Stahl recently added powder coatings to its portfolio. By coating heat sensitive materials such as wood without using VOCs, the company fulfils the increasing demand for sustainable solutions for architectural applications.