Qualified Stahl trainers will share their knowledge on sustainable alternatives in performance coatings along the supply chain during the training courses, which can focus on different market segments such as automotive, apparel and accessories and home interior.

There are three types of flexible modular training system:

  •  ‘Industry Trends & Innovations’: industry and supply chain views, trends, insights, challenges and innovations;
  • ‘Pyramid Training’: basic knowledge about key pillars of coatings and how to reach expected performance;  
  • ‘Experimental Training’: a deep dive into segment-specific or overarching solutions including prototyping, best practises and testing by simulating formulating, application and real life performance.

First opened in 2014, the Stahl Campus is based in the Netherlands, Mexico and China, and the training courses will take place at various locations, according to client requirements; they can also be hosted at client locations.