Students gain a better insight into the leather production chain. They also experience the benefits of sustainable practices and cooperation in the chain, such as innovation, cost savings and finished products with reduced impact on the environment. In the future training courses about synthetics will be part of the Stahl Campus as well. 

“The principle of sustainability underpins Stahl Campus, just as it does all Stahl’s activities,” says Mike Tomkin, Director of Sustainability at Stahl. “You could think of Stahl Campus as the vocational college of today. With the demise of reputable professional training in Europe, there is a risk that much knowledge may be lost. Stahl seeks to address this issue.” Therefore, Stahl regularly delivers guest lectures at the University of Northampton and the technical vocational college in Lyon, and is starting with the Stahl Campus.

Employees of well-known automotive and fashion brands also make use of Stahl Campus. “There is a demand for information and expert knowledge across the whole industry, for example in the field of sustainability and the many stages that hides go through in the production chain before being used as leather for vehicle interiors, bags, shoes or sofas. Stahl possesses that expertise and we are happy to share it. We strengthen mutual relationships that way. All parties in the production chain benefit.”