Generation Z refers to the post millennial generation who were born from the mid 90’s and are one of the most technologically connected groups of people in the world. During the half-day conference, Michael Costello will discuss what sustainability in the leather and footwear sector means to means to this sector of the population. Insight from the younger generation can help determine the path that a company follows when it comes to design and trends but also can be useful in predicting future decisions about sustainability. Costello will share such insights based on a recent study undertaken by Stahl Campus with graduate students from the Global Luxury and Management faculty of North Carolina State University.

While a majority of ‘Gen Z’ers’ expect footwear companies to commit to good corporate citizenship, and their decisions are based on knowledge and research already acquired at a young age, the same demographic group has widely differing views on sustainability and what it means for leather. The presentation will include video footage of students giving feedback.

About Michael Costello

Michael Costello is Stahl’s Director of Sustainability since October 2015. He participates in conferences around the world focussed on reducing the environmental footprint of the industry and other corporate social responsibility topics, and is member of the Executive Committee of the Leather Working Group. In 1988, he joined Stahl USA as a process chemist and later occupied a variety of commercial positions in coatings and polymers segments.

Michael holds a BSc in Chemistry from The University College, Dublin, Ireland, and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

About the conference

Jointly organised by BLC and ILM, the Leather & Sustainability in Retail Conference 2018 is predicted to be a popular event with attendees from across the leather industry. A key theme of the conference will include ‘sustainable raw materials’, and the event will touch on topics such as; innovation around raw materials for leather, uses for waste materials within the leather value chain and circular economy. This year’s conference will also be considering new materials coming to market and look at transparency and traceability of production within existing processes.

Experienced contributors from across the leather industry will provide insight into sustainability implications across the leather value chain. Delegates will include brands, retailers and leather manufacturers from around the world, and they will have the opportunity to ask questions at the event through an interactive panel discussion.

For further information about the conference and to register please click here or, alternatively, contact or call +44 (0)1604 679 999.