Synektan VW: a tailor-made polyphenol for the leather industry, containing high anti-oxidant levels, preventing the leather from heat yellowing and – in case of chrome-tanning – from the formation of Cr IV. It imparts a bright, clean shade without the worry or iron stains.

Synektan CC: a double-bleached chestnut made less astringent than in crude extract, allowing fast and homogenous penetration, especially on wet-blue.

Synektan GS: a vegetable tannin based on products with properties similar to mimosa GS powder for the retanning of chrome leathers.

Synektan QC: a vegetable tannin with properties similar to quebracho syntan, for application in the retanning of chrome leathers.

Synektan DV: a specialty vegetable tannin based product for the use in white and light coloured leathers with excellent lightfastness and heat resistance.

Corilene fatliquors

The range has been extended with Corilene UF, an especially formulated soft fatliquor and Corilene SSP, a new compact polymer, both can be used in all types of leather.

Beamhouse technology

Stahl has recently launched four new beamhouse products, catering to the need for more efficient chemicals with less negative environmental effects:

Bemanol ES2: for soaking and Bemanol EL1 for liming. These are enzymes which give excellent opening up of the fibre structure, resulting in a cleaner pelt with greater area yield. The use of these products allows a reduction in the total sulphide offer and therefore less sulphide load in the effluent.

Bemanol AFL: a new nitrogen-free liming agent that does not add to the total nitrogen load in the effluent. It reduces growth marks in the neck and draw in the bellies resulting in very flat leather with greater area yield. It is also very effective at reducing hair roots.

Bemanol LFC: a concentrated biodegradable detergent for use in all stages of the beamhouse. It is non ionic and nonyl phenol free. It is a very effective degreaser with excellent emulsion stability.

Stahlite – lightweight leather

Stahlite is an innovative system developed by Stahl that saves water, energy and time in leather processing. This easy system produces excellent colour shades with clean, even dyeing and less highlighted visual growth marks. The tanner will also notice that the leather produced is considerably lighter in comparison to conventional systems, without compromising on its physical properties.