Stahl’s Aquabase, Lepton Enhancer, Melio Ground and Mirage solutions mask grain defects and increase the usable surface area, resulting in a higher cutting yield. The result is smooth, fashionable leather with a natural feel and long-lasting elegance. Whatever upgrading you need, Stahl offers a range of solutions as follows;

High to medium upgrading: Aquabase 

Stahl’s Aquabase solutions are ideal for leather whose intended use includes home furnishing, shoes and leather goods. The hand stucco and reverse rollercoater application methods are easy to use and deliver a high-performance leather that is smooth, elegant and durable. 

High to medium upgrading: Lepton Enhancer 

Lepton Enhancer solutions support upgrading for home furnishing, shoes and leather goods. The desired upgrading level will be achieved using a reverse rollercoater application or applying Lepton Enhancer as an additive in a base coat application. Lepton Enhancer expands when heated, so significantly improving the quality of the upgrade. 

Medium upgrading: Melio Ground 

The tailor-made pre-base or sealer-coat solutions of the Stahl Melio Ground upgrading range are ideal for manufacturing upholstery, classic leather shoes and leather goods. Our medium upgrading products ensure film formation while sealing the grain. The final outcome is smooth leather.

Fine to medium upgrading: Mirage 

The Stahl Mirage range consists of pre-base systems and various additives. The user-friendly technology results in products with reduced film formation while containing less resin and more wax and oils. The outcome is first-class, smooth leather. Mirage solutions are in high demand for producing premium garments, soft shoes and leather goods. 
Stahl Neo 
The Stahl Neo leather finish portfolio is fully in line with Stahl’s ambition to achieve a more transparent and sustainable supply chain. The product line is unique in the industry as all products not only comply with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) but go beyond these guidelines.