At ACLE 2014, Stahl will present he latest innovations that enable manufacturers to make their production process more sustainable. Stahl’s exhibition highlights, such as Stahlite, EasyWhite Tan and the EVO product range, demonstrate that more sustainable solutions do not affect the performance of subsequent coatings.

At ACLE 2014 the company introduces ‘the Stahl Campus’, a training institute that Stahl wants to offer to strengthen the knowledge within the entire production chain and show how sustainability will support business growth for tanners, manufacturers and brands. At the Stahl booth in Shanghai you will learn more about this initiative.

Highlights at ACLE 2014:

  • Stahlite: thanks to a careful selection of processing chemicals, the weight of leather is minimised, resulting into fuel savings for aircrafts and cars. Next to that, the Stahlite retanning process uses less chemicals, water and energy than a conventional retannage.
  • EasyWhite Tan: the industry standard-setting innovation EasyWhite Tan provides a more sustainable and simplified tanning process for tanners than ever before. This chrome-free procedure removes the need to add salt and reduces the number of stages in the tanning process.
  • EVO: Stahl has introduced the product range EVO with a 100% water based topcoat and a DMF free EVO base, as an innovative and sustainable alternative for the conventional DMF-coagulation process. This offers great opportunities to reduce water and energy usage during the production process. These next generation polyurethane coatings for shoes, bags, upholstery and car seats enables manufacturers to produce coated fabrics in more harmony with the environment.
  • Renewed Polymatte: The sustainable matte coating for leather and coated fabrics is based on rapeseed oil instead of petroleum, resulting into a warm and waxy feel (very low VOC).
  • A final Stahl innovation that should not be missed: Leather upgrading solutions that improve the cutting yield.

Hall E3, stand B07.