Attended by over 600 professionals, the aim was to familiarise local professionals with Stahl’s sustainability philosophy for the industry and related sustainable solutions. The seminars started with an introduction to Stahl’s approach to sustainability, which is integrated into its overall corporate strategy, and was followed by the topic of chemical compliance; emphasising the historical reasons behind the recent launches of MRSLs and the change in responsibility that has occurred as a result. The differences between industry initiatives such as the ZDHC MRSL, and other compliance regulations like TSCA and REACH were also discussed.

During the events, a presentation showcased the innovative chemical technologies that Stahl recently introduced to tanners in order to reduce the impact of leather manufacturing on the environment. Key solutions included Proviera – Probiotics for Leather, Stahl EasyWhite Tan and Stahl Neo.

Stahl’s Proviera – Probiotics beamhouse range is based on a 100% degradable probiotic formulation, which ensures a reduction of chemical usage, water usage, and waste, while Stahl EasyWhite Tan enables tanners to produce chrome-free leather. The Stahl Neo portfolio consist of over 450 leather finish solutions that fully comply with the ZDHC MRSL guidelines or even exceed this standard.

The seminars ended with a round-up and speech by the Directors of Stahl Pakistan Private Limited (SPPL) and the Local Manager of Stahl Bangladesh. “By providing the right knowledge and education, Stahl accelerates the process of making the entire leather processing chain more sustainable. With the Sustainability Seminars, Stahl reaches out to the key leather clusters in Pakistan and Bangladesh”, said Stahl in a statement.