The Sustainability for Leather seminar in Lahore in Pakistan was attended by more than 200 tanners, representatives of leather organisations and academics. The attendees agreed that by working together within the whole leather supply chain, a difference in the industry can be made.

Next to its call on using water-based chemicals, Environment Minister Shuja Khanzada of the province Punjab in Pakistan stated that the leather industry should adopt modern principles for waste management. Only those industries that dispose their waste in a proper manner will be allowed to operate in Pakistan.

The Sustainability for Leather seminar is part of a seminar series organised by Stahl to support the industry towards a more sustainable future. “We believe that it is time for action now to make the entire leather processing chain more sustainable ”, said Mike Tomkin, Director Sustainability at Stahl. “Even taking small steps can improve the situation.” Next to the seminar in Pakistan, Stahl organised seminars in India and Bangladesh. “The huge attendance with over 200 visitors per event, shows that the whole chain wants to become more sustainable. We believe that it is our responsibility to accelerate this process”, said Tomkin.

Thanks to the positive feedback of the attendees, Stahl will also organise Sustainability for Leather seminars in other regions, such as China, Mongolia, Mexico and Scandinavia. Each seminar will be held in the local language to reach as many tanners and other industry representatives as possible. Return visits to previous venues such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh will be scheduled to keep on supporting the tanners to become more sustainable.