Responsible beamhouse and tanning solutions
Over recent years, Stahl has developed its beamhouse and tanning portfolio around the growing environmental needs of today’s tanners. Without compromising leather quality, the company’s products help tanners to significantly reduce their water consumption and sulfide use, while also shortening the beamhouse and tanning process. For example, Stahl’s ZDHC MRSL-compliant Bemanol® RS-200, RS-300 and RS-305 solutions help tanners to improve the soaking, liming and bating processes of leather-making. Another prime example is the 100% biodegradable Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™, which is used to replace conventional soaking, liming and degreasing agents and create high-quality leathers while also significantly improving the quality of the wastewater emitted in beamhouse processes.
To hear more about Stahl’s sustainable solutions for beamhouse and tanning, make sure not to miss Stahl Global Technical Manager Claus Reineking’s seminar on ‘New beamhouse technologies, their application and benefits’, at the Materials & Technological Trend Forum (Hall 3) at ACLE on September 3rd.

The cleanest full-polymeric leather waterproofing available
To achieve the highest level of waterproofing performance, you need to start at the beginning: the wet-end of the leather production process. The waterproofing agents you choose at this crucial stage can make a significant difference, both in terms of performance as well as environmental impact. While maintaining optimal performance, Stahl’s Densodrin® Polymeric Generation solution enables full-polymeric waterproofing with an improved environmental impact.

Shoe finish and aftercare products to achieve the right look and feel
Stahl’s Shoe Finish & Aftercare division is committed to developing new, responsible solutions that give final goods and materials, including leather, synthetics and rubbers, the desired properties and aesthetics.

Stahl Neo®: Sustainable leather chemicals
With Stahl Neo®, getting on board the sustainable leather trend has never been easier. In early 2019, Stahl expanded its Stahl Neo® portfolio to include wet-end solutions as well as different solutions for finishing. The Stahl Neo® range now includes a comprehensive portfolio of leather processing products that comply with the ZDHC MRSL and are free from additional hazardous substances.

Join our ‘Fall/Winter 2020/2021 Fashion Trends’ Workshop
On September 4th, between 11:30 and 12:30, the head of Stahl’s design Studio, Emilie Musso, will be leading an inspiring workshop on ‘Fall/Winter 2020/2021 Fashion Trends’ at ACLE. To take part, visit the Leather Naturally Zone (in Hall E1).

Curious to see how Stahl is using product innovation to drive sustainability across the supply chain? In addition to the exhibitions and workshops detailed above, Stahl’s team will be available at ACLE to discuss their innovation and sustainability efforts. Visit Booth B05 in Hall E2 to find out more.

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