During the webinar, which is taking place on November 23, Lidia Martínez Menéndez, Supply Chain Transparency Manager at Stahl, will speak on the importance of reducing supply chain emissions, how lower-impact raw materials can get us there and the impact of incoming legislation on these efforts.

She will discuss why supply chain transparency is becoming increasingly important for chemicals, especially now that the industry is replacing fossil fuel chemistry with renewable alternatives to meet its climate change targets.

On top of this, Martínez will touch on upcoming legislation which is requiring companies not only to declare the origin of their raw materials but to make the chain of custody of their supply chains transparent.

The webinar will take place on November 23 at 2pm CET (1pm GMT) and will be hosted and moderated by Sustainable Leather Foundation Managing Director Deborah Taylor. Find out more and register on the event page.

About the speaker

Lidia Martínez Menéndez joined Stahl in 2017 as a Development Engineer. Since then, she has held many roles within Stahl and, in 2021, was appointed Supply Chain Transparency Manager.

She is passionate about raising awareness of sustainability issues and diversity topics. Her motto is “we can’t fix what we don’t know”. She constantly challenges herself and the Stahl team to learn more about how we impact the environment and society and to proactively find solutions that positively impact the world.

She holds a Textile Engineering degree from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, as well as additional certificates in Integrated Fashion Communications and Innovation Project Management. Prior to Stahl, she worked at the Textile Technology Research Institute.

Visit the event page to find out more about ‘Futureproofing the Leather Supply Chain’ and keep an eye on the ILM website for further updates in the coming weeks.