“We are constantly expanding our global presence to stay ahead of our competitors. The decision to open this center is fully in line with our position as industry leader in the leather segment and our growth strategy,” says Huub van Beijeren, CEO of Stahl.

“Our new Center of Excellence enables us to serve the growing automotive leather industry even better as well as our current shoe leather customers. By literally working close to our customers, we can provide tailor-made solutions and help them to grow their business”, Rios adds. Stahl will show its customers and OEMs how they can benefit from the extensive portfolio of leather chemicals to give car interiors, home interior and fashion items a durable and luxurious appearance.
Modern testing
The center is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to cater to customer’ needs. “We can for instance reproduce all the automotive and shoe leather productions conditions inside a controlled environment. It also includes one of the most complete testing labs in the continent,” Ríos explains. “Due to our thorough in-house testing, we are able to develop the new products our customers are looking for. Think of technologies minimizing the weight of leather car seats whilst maintaining full thickness, look and feel. Or Stahl EasyWhite Tan™, our sustainable tanning system creating high-quality leather without compromising on usability and looks,” Rios explains.

Global presence
In addition to the new center in Mexico, the company has several Centers of Excellence covering nearly every continent. These are based in China, the U.S. and The Netherlands. Furthermore, Stahl operates numerous supporting application labs for physical and application testing throughout the world.