The project started in Mongolia where the chemical company, Stahl, used its know-how for the tanning process. In addition to the ADUU MAL ready-to-wear collective, Ubbink is also presenting the first exclusive pieces for men and women.

In the autumn, ADUU MAL items such as jackets, bags, shoes, scarves and other accessories will be available in the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, UK and Australia.

The origin and production of all ADUU MAL items are fully transparent. Buyers can go to to not only see from which workshop the purchase comes from and how the leather is produced, but also to find out which herd’s leather was used for their new leather bag, coat or shoes.

The production process for the ADUU MAL label is as sustainable as possible and Stahl has provided training to the tanners about how chrome-free leather can be made with the tanning method EasyWhite Tan. Stahl has also helped the tanners to treat and re-use the wastewater. They have also looked at the working conditions and fair wages of the tanners, tailors and shoemakers involved.

Catwalk trends

“With ADUU MAL we are offering the most animal-friendly and sustainable alternative to the fur trend,” says the Dutch designer, Hans Ubbink. “The hides from the horses and sheep come from herds that are led around the Mongolian plateau by the herders. These animals roam freely across the steppe and have an amazing life. They will only be killed when the locals need to do so for their own use, and it will happen on the steppe itself. Stressful transportation to the slaughterhouse is thereby not required. The hides and skins are actually residual products that, thanks to the latest tanning techniques, can be processed into sustainable leather.”

Dutch initiative

The ADUU MAL brand was born out of a collaboration between the Dutch MiM – Genuine Mongolia (Dutch branch of Made in Mongolia (MiM) – Genuine Mongolia) and the chemical company, Stahl, from Waalwijk, which came about to make the Mongolian leather sector more sustainable. Donders Fashion, MYOMY do goods, Traced Goods and are ADUU MAL launching partners. Hans Ubbink is the ADUU MAL ambassador.